Brenna Gwyn Snowe

Brenna Gwyn Snowe is a Long Island based actress, artist, model, writer, and witch.

For a moderately complete history of her acting work you can visit her IMDB.

For a more up to date play by play of her daily life you can follow her on instagram.

For anything else, you may have to scrounge around a bit, but she seems nice enough to send an email to and on a rare occasion makes a personal appearance out in the world.

As a certified Reiki Healer of the highest caliber. She has warm hands and a wonderful energy about. The whole experience is one of peaceful spiritual cleansing.

Reiki Healer

She is one of the most underrated writers of fantastical stories. Her compassion and humanity is present is everything she does. Characters come to life in her words. She really just does excellent work.

Script Writer