Just to clear things up, no proof has ever been found to the rumours that Brenna Gwyn Snowe sprung to life fully formed from a living fresco of the ocean, that she spent centuries in a lone tower set amongst picturesque mountains in a world far away held captive by the King of the Dark Elves with a single solitary window as her only friend, a window that looked out on countless different worlds depending whimsically upon the hour … and no veracity at all to the claims that once, under siege, the Dark Elf King, out of love, transformed her into a snow white raven to take flight, escaping through the tower window into the world it happened to be watching in that moment and there certainly can be no truth to the claim that she currently lives in a small cottage by the sea, her only companion a small white cat who shares those same piercing, pre-dawn eyes of the Erlkonig. Though, to this day, she remains uneasy surrounded by crowds.